Video de canta claro

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  • 19 Feb 2018, 01:33
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Mapuche Machis with Kultrun, a traditional drum Mapuche people Main article: Mapuche people The Mapuche people were the main indigenous people populating the region running from Copiap in the north to Chilo in the south. One of the characteristics of the folkloric trend is its use of patriotic themes and a romantic, idealized view of rural life. This process continued until 1973 when political repression hit culture and music across the board.

The foundations of the movement were laid through the efforts of Violeta Parra to revive over 3,000 Chilean songs, recipes, traditions, proverbs and folkloric characters, like the payadores (improviser-singers). This means, that the timpani can cover up the violins, or rather, do cover up the violins, when the sound levels and frequencies are right.

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