Rick and jared tagteam

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  • 16 Feb 2018, 17:57
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Written by, pat McCurry Plot Summary, add Synopsis. The duo mainly worked to help other teams look good, especially younger talent, with the highlight of their time in WCW being an unsuccessful challenge for the WCW World Tag Team Championship, losing to champions The Steiner Brothers ( Rick Steiner and Scott Steiner ). Here, its the final revelation of Ricks self-identified, extra-meta series arc: Hed rescued his grandkids from the Federation not out of obligation, or, God forbid, love, but so his daughter would choose him over her husband, upending Mortys home life.

Back to the Future esque setup: A mad scientist (Rick, voiced by Roiland) and his grandson (Morty, also voiced by Roiland) go on intergalactic adventures.

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